CA Recruitment

Fluxmans is an established (over 100 years old) and dynamic commercial law firm recognised both locally and internationally for its integrity, professionalism, entrepreneurial awareness and skilful provision of legal services.Our offices are situated in Rosebank, Johannesburg. Over 50 skilled attorneys and other professional members of staff from cosmopolitan and diverse backgrounds have a broad spectrum of legal skills. Fluxmans’ directors have extensive experience and are leaders in their respective fields of specialisation.

Fluxmans has an extensive client base including multinationals, small and medium sized enterprises as well as private individuals.

Fluxmans recognises its social responsibility to disadvantaged members of the community and both historically and currently is involved in pro bono work. Fluxmans also supports the integrated bar project, which facilitates the training of historically disadvantaged members of the community.

Our values
At Fluxmans:-

  • our clients are treated as friends;
  • we offer uncomplicated good advice;
  • we achieve results while giving our clients peace of mind;
  • our clients always receive fair value;
  • we are committed to transformation.
Areas of practice
Our professional members of staff are grouped into broadly based departments with specialist expertise and experience in a variety of areas of practice which include:-

  • corporate and commercial (including mergers, acquisitions and take overs);
  • competition law;
  • litigation (including arbitration, alternative dispute resolution, constitutional and administrative law);
  • insolvency;
  • labour and human resources;
  • matrimonial and family law;
  • tax; and
  • property, mining and environmental law.
Working environment
The attorneys and other professional members of staff are from diverse and cosmopolitan backgrounds. There is a healthy mix of experience and professional enthusiasm. All directors and other professional members of staff have an open door policy. The friendly and relaxed atmosphere and working environment promotes a work ethic which is devoted to providing our clients with legal services of the highest calibre.
Training and development
  • Candidate attorneys are developed with a view to them achieving and performing to their full potential.
  • Candidate attorneys, at the commencement of their articles, participate in a two day orientation programme designed to introduce them to Fluxmans, basic policies and procedures as well as to provide a history of Fluxmans and an overview of the practice of law at Fluxmans.
  • Candidate attorneys are expected to enrol for the part time board courses endorsed by the Law Society of South Africa which are a prerequisite for writing the admission examinations.
  • Our goal at Fluxmans is to offer candidate attorneys the widest possible exposure to the variety of legal services offered by the firm. Candidate attorneys are accordingly rotated to new departments or areas of practice approximately every 12 months.
  • Training is primarily (but not exclusively) focused on assisting candidate attorneys familiarising themselves and gaining experience in those areas of practice which traditionally form part of the curriculum and syllabus for the Attorney Board Courses and admission examinations.
  • Fluxmans conducts monthly lectures on various aspects of law and computer skills are taught in house with occasional external supplementation.
  • Fluxmans holds breakfast gatherings from time to time with a view to strengthening and improving camaraderie and communication between all professional members of staff and directors.
  • The performance of candidate attorneys is regularly assessed and formally evaluated over the course of the period of articles of clerkship with a view to developing our candidate attorneys to their full potential.
Candidate attorney remuneration is competitive and compares favourably with remuneration offered by other leading law firms. Fluxmans provides benefits such as medical aid and a discretionary thirteenth cheque.
Our aim and policy is to recruit well rounded high calibre candidate attorneys who are committed and suited to the practice of law within the diverse and multi cultural environment at Fluxmans and who have the potential to become directors at Fluxmans.
Application for Practical Vocational Training  (Candidate Attorney Programme) at Fluxmans

All applications for candidate attorney and vacation programmes can no longer be made by post, hand delivery or email. Only applications received through our CA Recruitment portal will be considered.

Applications for candidate attorney programme should be:-

    • submitted by no later than 31 August 2020 in respect of candidate attorney programme commencing in 2022;
    • late applications will not be considered;
    • you require the following documents to enable you to apply:
      • detailed curriculum vitae;
      • certified copies of your academic transcripts;
      • certified colour copy of your identity document.
    • if you do not submit all the documents referred to above, your application will not be considered;
    • it is important to keep all information and records loaded onto the CA Recruitment portal, current and up to date;
    • we only consider applicants who wish to become candidate attorneys on a full time basis.

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