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The Enforceability of a ‘No Contest’ Clause? By Jayde Vaughan and Nqobile Dlamini Assisted by Michael Bloom

The Enforceability of a ‘No Contest’ Clause? If you’re afraid that someone might challenge the validity of your will or trust in court after your death, you may be tempted to add what’s called a ‘No Contest’ clause to your document. A ‘No Contest’ clause is a provision in a will that penalizes those who… Continue Reading

Breach of Contract: The Doctrine of Election and the Doctrine of Repentance by Kevin Van Huyssteen

Lawyers are, in some respects, a rather biblical lot, seeking divine inspiration to solve the problems of humanity, calling Judges Lords and, more latterly, resorting to the concept of repentance in the law of contract. It is fundamental that when an innocent party is faced with a breach of contract by another party, the innocent… Continue Reading

Post-Commencement Finance: Risk V Reward By Daniel Hirschowitz and Fikile Sithole

The Companies Act 71 of 2008 makes provision for a financially distressed company to be placed into business rescue. In order to go into business rescue, a company must show that it is in fact financially distressed. Defined in s128(1)(f),‘financially distressed’ is where the company is “reasonably unlikely to pay all of its debts as… Continue Reading

The increased cost of living and possible reduction in maintenance payments by Alexandra Shardlow

Whenever South Africans are told that they should save more, the high cost of living is blamed for failing do this.  As a result, the increase in the cost of living often features in applications for a  reduction in the amount of maintenance payable. When determining the appropriate amount of maintenance payable, the issue is… Continue Reading

Drinking and driving a grave mistake by Myron Mer

With a recent analysis suggesting that South African’s consume roughly 4 billion litres of alcohol annually, totalling ninety-six and a half billion Rand worth of alcohol[1], there is no doubt South African’s know how to have a good time and put back a few drinks. However, getting behind the wheel after one too many drinks… Continue Reading

Renewal of lease: is a right of pre-emption also renewed and what are the formalities for validity? by Kevin van Huyssteen

In the matter of Mokone v. Tassos Properties CC and Another 2017 (5) SA 456 (CC) the Constitutional Court finally resolved the question of whether terms which are ancillary to an expired lease, are also renewed when the expired lease is renewed. An expired lease contained a right of pre-emption. In May 2006 the parties… Continue Reading

B-BBEE – JSE Reporting Requirements; WEF 1 April 2018 by Peter Kemp

The Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act read together with its regulations that include the B-BBEE Codes and specific business sector Charters require that all companies listed on the JSE report annually to the B-BBEE Commission on their compliance under the B-BBEE Codes or Charter, as the case may be. The current JSE Listing Requirements… Continue Reading


I. INTRODUCTION The actual timing of the various steps in antidumping investigations in South Africa varies from case to case.  Although the timelines contained in the South African Anti-Dumping Regulations[1] (hereinafter “the Regulations”) are set out relatively clearly, further indulgences are often afforded to affected parties in practice. In addition, whilst the various antidumping measures… Continue Reading