Our Culture

1. Our Clients Are Treated As Friends


It is not by accident that many of our clients are of long standing and have developed strong and close relationships with us over the years. It is our belief that from the moment a client walks in the door, it is our duty to give him the best we can. We obviously discuss legal and business issues, but we also make a point of getting to know our clients because it is through understanding where they come from and where they see themselves going that we are able to provide the best service. There are no formalities here. No voracious egos. Just good lawyers doing a great job for the most important part of Fluxmans – the clients.

2. We Provide Uncomplicated Good Advice

Our profession abounds with legal jargon and buzzwords. We lawyers have a tendency to use them in order to show how much we know. The law is complicated enough without making it even more intimidating. It serves little purpose for a client to come away from a meeting wondering what just happened. We try to ensure that clients understand everything we do and that they are happy with the manner in which we do it. In this way we are able to create the currency that makes the truly great law firms what they are – trust. If a client trusts us with their business or with a legal matter of any kind, then we know that we are doing our job properly. We try to keep it simple.

3. We Get Results While Giving You Peace Of Mind

The moment someone mentions the word attorney, most people start to worry. Its a natural reaction whether you are an individual or a business. That’s why Fluxmans believes in bringing peace of mind to the party right from the start. We put in as much effort and skill as it takes to sort out our client’s problems. We try to ensure that clients are updated regularly and we will respond to any query, no matter how inconsequential, if it means putting the client’s mind at ease.

4. Our Clients Always Receive Fair Value

Winning is not about how much you can squeeze out of a client but about the value we deliver. Our services are designed to make a success of every client’s needs. But we also believe that it goes further than providing the best service and legal advice. It means that we are willing to go the extra mile. It means that we are proactive in our approach. It means that at the end of the deal, we don’t spend our time billing every single detail. We are willing to do a deal for a client through fee negotiation to ensure that we can provide a perfect match of what is offered, what is affordable and ultimately the result achieved.

5. We Are Committed to Transformation

We know that South Africa, and the legal sector in particular, still has far to go in the transformation stakes. Our approach has always been to build and develop ourselves from within. Equal opportunity is foremost in the way in which we operate, but we take an evolutionary approach to change; transferring knowledge and expertise through mentoring and skills development. In this way, we are able to retain and reward talent without abandoning our principles and fundamental values.