Intellectual Property

The protection of intellectual property is a vital aspect of any business and our expertise and know-how means our clients enjoy peace of mind. By understanding the various options available we can appropriately guide our clients, from individuals to large corporations, on the most effective way to protect what is of a company’s greatest asset. In addition, with the support of the multitude of practice areas at Fluxmans, we are able to offer a seamless service across specialisations when needed.

There are many types of intellectual property and their value should not be underestimated. Being intangible, if not protected they can be open to exploitation by third parties. Our ability to identify and safeguard what is often a considerable asset on a company’s balance sheet means our clients know that their intellectual property is secure, meaning their business is too.

We provide extensive Intellectual Property services including:

  • Trademark, copyright and design
  • Technical know-how agreements
  • Licensing, advertising, valuations and assignments
  • Filing, prosecution and registration services for intellectual property
  • Intellectual property due-diligence services and tax-related matters and opinions
  • Litigation on intellectual property law matters