Why Choose Fluxmans

What makes a law firm excel is not its history, the number of staff employed or the size of the deals it has facilitated. It’s not about billable hours, who has the most number of clients or even the size of the ego behind the desk. It’s about the passion, knowledge, understanding and service. But most of all it’s about how we treat you, the client, from the moment you walk in the door to the final handshake.

As a leading law firm, Fluxmans is small enough to remain agile and dynamic, capable of adapting to every client’s needs while large enough to compete with much larger firms. Our concept of growth is rooted firmly in the belief that it is our expertise in law and speed of delivery that makes us better than the rest, not our size. We are smaller than the ‘big boys’ but play in the same league.

Fluxmans has a rich history and has facilitated some of the larger deals in South Africa. But that’s not what we see as the key to our success. Instead, we put stock in our passion for law; our dedication to every single client, no matter how big or small, and our commitment to ensuring that we deliver timeously on our promises. At Fluxmans everything is personal – the client’s needs are seen as personal challenges; the client’s business is treated as though it were our own. That is the Fluxmans Difference and the origin from which the Fluxmans Culture has evolved.