YES can help your company increase its BEE Level

The Youth Employment Service (YES) Initiative became part of the BEE Codes on 28 August 2018.  The YES Initiative enables an EME, QSE or larger (Generic) entity to enhance its BEE Level by 1 or 2 levels if it provides jobs for young black people.

In summary:

Code 000 (General Principles and the Generic Scorecard) of the BEE Codes was amended with immediate effect.

To qualify for registration under the YES Initiative:

  • a Generic entity must meet the 40% sub-minimum requirements of the 3 Priority Elements or achieve an average of 50% across the Priority Elements;
  • a QSE entity must achieve the 40% sub-minimum requirements of 2 of the 3 Priority Elements or achieve an average of 40% across 2 of its chosen Priority Elements;
  • the entity must ensure that it maintains or improves the BEE Level it achieved in the prior period.
  • An EME does not have to meet any specific requirements other than those under YES.


YES targets for Generic entities are the higher of:-

  • 5% of the entity’s headcount; or
  • 5% of the entity’s average NPAT over the last 3 years.
  • The targeted number of youths employed or sponsored depend upon revenue and range from 6 youths for entities with revenue of R50m to 15 youths for entities with revenue of R500m.
  • Targets for QSEs and EMEs are based on total headcount that range from 1-19 (1 youth) to 799 (40 youths).


Black people between the ages of 18 and 35 are eligible under YES and they must benefit from 12 months full time quality work experience with their jobs being established in addition to existing headcount except that if the entity is unable to create sufficient new jobs, it may sponsor qualifying new jobs in other EME’s or QSE’s.


The benefit of the YES initiative is that the BEE Level of the Measured Entity can be enhanced as follows:-

  • achieve YES target + 2.5% absorption of the youths = 1 Level;
  • achieve 1.5 x YES target + 5% absorption of the youths = 1 Level + 3 bonus points; or
  • achieve 2 x YES target + 5% absorption of the youths = 2 Levels.


Accordingly, if an entity is discounted by a Level because of non-achievement of the sub-minimum target for one of its Priority elements, it can make up this discount under the YES initiative and even achieve an additional Level under the enhanced YES targets.

50% of informal skills development expenditure for youths employed (or sponsored) under YES can be included for points under Category F and G in the Skills Development scorecard.

YES enables entities that are not willing and/or able (funding constraints, foreign ownership, etc.) to achieve BEE ownership points to avoid being discounted by implementing a strategic YES initiative.

If you require any assistance on BEE, please contact Peter Kemp on 011 3281850