Ryszard Lisinski

Some lawyers aren’t just qualified in law. Here’s one who wrote his Master’s Thesis on Artificial Intelligence! Ryszard Lisinski is a Commercial Dispute Resolution Specialist in the Commercial Litigation Department at Fluxmans. A techno geek by nature, he has a particular interest in communications, information technology, media and privacy law. In addition, he has extensive experience in Insurance Law and Restructuring.

Ari Soldatos

Is he a referee or a lawyer? Turns out he’s great at both! Fluxmans' Ari Soldatos is a graduate from Wits and has been in practice since 1988. He’s also a member of the Dispute Resolution Committee of the South African Football Association and an arbitrator at the court of arbitration for sport. A master of mediation, he extended this skill to three Africa Cup of Nations finals, the Fifa World Cup in France and your issues with your employer. Ari focusses on labour and employment law, dispute settlements, collective bargaining in relation to wages and conditions of employment.

Ira Epstein

Ira Epstein wanted to be a hotelier, but went on to graduate with a B.Com and then LLB (Cum Laude) in 1981. With extensive experience in Commercial and Corporate and Mergers and Acquisitions, Ira is your best bet to make sure your interests are protected in all manner of business transactions. Despite not having a hotel of his own, Ira has been a Director at Fluxmans since 2008 and confidently navigates the world of commerce from a legal point of view.

Lisa King

Hiring and firing in South Africa isn’t easy. If you’re not sure how to do it, especially since the law keeps on changing, at least Lisa-Anne King knows what’s going on. She’s well renowned for her role at Fluxmans as a Director in the Labour Law Department since 2004 and the head of Human Resources – both for clients and for the firm. She is also well known for chairing conferences and being a key note speaker in this field and will soon be sitting as an Acting Judge in the Labour Court. Lisa-Anne’s practice is diverse, covering the full gamut of people related issues.

Jonathan Shafir

Jonathan is a self-described “handsome baby” who became a law student at Wits with an LLB in 2006. He served his articles at Fluxmans and was admitted as to an attorney in 2004, later becoming a Director of Fluxmans in 2007. His area of expertise is commercial and civil litigation, including debt recovery, dispute resolution, construction related disputes, and even litigation relating to billboards and outdoor advertising. Jonathan has also been involved in disputes around tender awards by organs of state such as PRASA, Eskom and various municipalities. His interests are playing guitar, boxing and mindfulness (meditation).

Trevor Simon

Trevor graduated from the University of Cape Town with a BA Degree (1998), an LLB Degree (1991) and an LLM Degree (2003). He was admitted as an attorney in 1994. He practiced in various firms, big and small, in Cape Town, Sydney and Johannesburg, and eventually joined Fluxmans as a director in 2014 in the Litigation Department. When not litigating, Trevor keeps an eagle eye on international affairs, is an avid reader of biographies and autobiographies and keenly follows the fortunes of our national sports teams on the international stage.

Steven Fisher

While Steven Fisher was still figuring out what he wanted to do when he grew up, he became a specialist in Property law - including conveyancing and commercial property work. After completing his articles, he joined Werksmans where he remained for 10 years. Steven was appointed as a director in 1999 and moved to Fluxmans 2004. An committed family man, avid road runner and volunteer for community projects, Steven says he’s still not sure what he wants to do when he grows up!

Darryl Furman

From Johannesburg Junior Mayor and head boy of Sandringham High School to director at Fluxmans, that's Darryl Furman for you. Darryl started exceeding expectations at an early age. Darryl was admitted as an attorney in 2003 after obtaining a BCom (Law) and LLB degrees and admitted as a conveyancer in 2005. He specialises in Commercial and Property Law and has been a Director at Fluxmans since 2008. As one of the top conveyancers in Johannesburg, Darryl knows how to handle tough situations. Do good fences make good neighbours? He’ll tell you. What hasn’t changed over the years is that he still enjoys “date night” with his wife! There’s always time to appreciate family, friends and fun time.