Darryl Furman

From Johannesburg Junior Mayor and head boy of Sandringham High School to director at Fluxmans, that's Darryl Furman for you. Darryl started exceeding expectations at an early age. Darryl was admitted as an attorney in 2003 after obtaining a BCom (Law) and LLB degrees and admitted as a conveyancer in 2005. He specialises in Commercial and Property Law and has been a Director at Fluxmans since 2008. As one of the top conveyancers in Johannesburg, Darryl knows how to handle tough situations. Do good fences make good neighbours? He’ll tell you. What hasn’t changed over the years is that he still enjoys “date night” with his wife! There’s always time to appreciate family, friends and fun time.

Costa Carides

No one tells a story quite like Costa Carides! He is the man you want to be sitting next to at a dinner party, sure to enthral you with his knowledge of history to his love for baking. He qualified at the University of Witwatersrand with a BA in 1969 and Bachelor of Laws in 1970. Soon after, he was led to joining Fluxmans in 1984, now being one of the longest serving directors at the firm. And once he gets going on his areas of expertise in Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Estate Agency Law, Joint Ventures, and Mergers and Acquisitions, you'll see why he has been making waves in the world of law for many years.

Darryn Mer

A dedicated husband and father of two, Darryn doesn’t look like a typical lawyer. He’s a fanatical football fan and lifelong supporter of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, and he has also been a specialist labour lawyer for a long time, having joined Fluxmans back in 1997. Darryn enjoys the dynamic and evolving nature of Labour Law, and represents his clients at employment law tribunals (CCMA) and the Labour Court, having been involved in a many challenging and diverse cases. He also plays the guitar!

Galia Bloch

Galia’s no slouch – she’s a member of the Golden Key Society (Top 15% of her year). She completed her BCOM in 2008 majoring in law and marketing then completed an LLB in 2010. She completed her articles at Fluxmans in 2012 and became a Director in 2017. Focusing on litigation, Galia obtained her right of appearance to appear in the High Court. When it comes to commercial and residential evictions, Galia knows how to skilfully navigate her way through the process and challenges, and there’s never a dull day.

Jerome Levitz

When it comes to partnering with corporations and high network individuals, providing a complete service across industries for their legal requirements, Jerome Levitz is your man! Graduating from Wits with a BA degree and LLB (UNISA) in 1993, Jerome was admitted as a Commissioner of the Small Claims Court in 2012 and joined Fluxmans and became a Director in 2003. His areas of expertise include commercial and civil litigation, criminal law, mining litigation and telecommunications litigation. Jerome keeps grounded by spending time with his wife and two beautiful daughters.

Coronavirus – Rough Times! Money Worries?

How are you going to deal with huge bills mounting up? Are you in danger of losing your car, your house, and the embarrassment of being unable to pay school fees? How are the banks reacting to this? Are the courts going to come down hard on us, and how do we get the best protection? In studio with Garry and with the answers is Jack Phalane of Fluxmans Attorneys.

Coronavirus – Hard Times! Business Closure?

Is your business facing the possibility of going bust during these unfortunate times? How can you save your company from being shut down? Is Business Rescue the way to go, or will creditors lose patience? What about personal guarantees signed? In studio with Garry is Colin Strime of Fluxmans Attorneys.

Coronavirus - Tough Times! No Work No Pay?

How far must employers go in standing by their employees? How can an employee claim benefit from an employer, and how long can an employer withstand the absence of its employees during these tough times? Can you insist on working from home? What are the respective legal rights and obligations? In studio with Garry and with the answers is Lisa-Anne King of Fluxmans Attorneys.